Blue Chalk Reel, 2018. Creative Director, Writer, Editor

How Seamus Gets a Fish, 2018. Director, DP, Father

Portland State University Foundation, 2018. Director

“Small” Boston Children’s Hospital, 2018. Director, Editor

“Trusted To Protect - Russell Logan” Dove Men+Care, 2018. Director

“Trusted To Protect - Lee Montgomery” Dove Men+Care, 2018. Director

“Ricardo’s Story” Pearson Education, 2017. Director, DP

“Fighting for Racial Equality: A Conversation Between Generations” Pearson Education, 2018. Director, DP

“Noah” Film by Dana Romanoff. Editor

Open School, 2017. Director, Editor

“At Road’s End” Subaru, 2015. Director.

“Tribute to Discomfort: Cory Richards” National Geographic Creative, 2014. Director, DP, Editor

“A Rose’s Journey” The Weather Channel, 2014. Director, DP, Editor.